Kerala Job Seekers' Protest Is Latest Flashpoint Between Left, Opposition | Read

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  • Published On: February 21, 2021
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Reshma Nadh, 31, has been leaving her three-year-old-son and travelling to Kerala capital Thiruvananthapuram every day at the crack of dawn, from the neighbouring district Kollam, to be part of a protest by the state's Public Service Commission exam rank holders outside the state government secretariat. Ms Nadh scored the 392nd rank in the 2018 exam for Last Grade Servants. She is still waiting for a job. Several rank holders like her, many even lower in the rankings, have been protesting since more than 20 days. The issue has become a flash point between Kerala's Left government and the opposition, which includes the Congress-led front and the BJP. Assembly election is expected soon in Kerala.

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