Israeli Troops Overrun Hamas Stronghold: Is It Endgame Gaza?

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  • Published On: November 14, 2023
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Nearly six weeks into the Israel-Gaza war, Israeli troops have overrun Hamas strongholds in the Gaza city. Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) claim to have control of a building that houses the parliament of Hamas. The Al-Shifa hospital is surrounded by Israeli tanks, grinding Gaza's biggest hospital to a halt. As of now, 179 people, including babies, were buried in a "mass grave" in the hospital compound. Global organizations like the UN, WHO are warning of collapse of medical care in the Palestinian enclave. Israel, in its defence, has claimed that the Al-Shifa sits atop a network of tunnels which is the main hideout of Hamas operatives. Caught in the cross-fire are innocent Palestinians. On The Last Word we ask is this Endgame Gaza?

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