Delhi's Air Quality Index Continues To Remain "Very Poor"

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  • Published On: October 24, 2023
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The overall air quality in Delhi continues to be in the 'Very Poor' category with the latest AQI being 303 as per SAFAR-India. According to experts, the air quality is expected to dip due to Dussehra coupled with weather conditions that will keep air quality in the very poor category till Thursday. Stage 2 of GRAP has kicked in earlier than usual which includes water sprinklers smog guns increase in parking charges increase of the frequency of buses and metros and taking a cue from Delhi and Mumbai too is retorting to water sprinklers and anti-smog guns but experts say those tactics help very little if at all. Meanwhile, the overall air quality in Mumbai in 'Moderate' category with the AQI at 132 as per SAFAR-India.

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