'Nasal Covid Vaccine Will Help Reduce Injection Hesitation': Top Doctor

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  • Published On: December 23, 2022
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Amid a fresh global surge in COVID-19 cases, a public health expert from the India Medical Association (IMA) requested people to take two drops of the nasal vaccine of COVID-19 for a better life. "People should take two drops of the nasal vaccine for life. We have seen the importance of 'two drops' in eradicating the polio virus. This nasal vaccine will also be beneficial for developing immunity in people and controlling the spread of COVID-19," said Dr Anil Goyal. "This nasal vaccine is the 'ease of administration' and this will help reduce the hesitation of people to take injections. Around 71.5 crore people have not taken the precautionary or booster dose yet. The vaccine has been authorized for these people," he added.

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