Beauty Tips For Monsoon: Keep Your Body Fresh, Free From Odour And Fungal Infections On Rainy Days

Body Care Tips: Give some extra care to your body with these best tips this monsoon season

Beauty Tips For Monsoon: Keep Your Body Fresh, Free From Odour And Fungal Infections On Rainy Days

These bath care tips are an essential in the monsoon; Image Credit: iStock

Our relationship with the monsoon season is a sweet yet tangy one. With the perks of enjoying the rainy, muddy aroma comes the stress of taking extra care of your skin and body. Humidity is at its worst and it can dismantle your beauty routine to bits. Your body routine might be a monotonous one but it needs a revamp too. From choosing refreshing body washes to inculcating an exfoliating routine, it's time to up your body care routine with these tips to care for your body this monsoon.

Tips To Keep Your Body Well Protected In The Monsoon

Rejuvenate your body with this must-have body care routine in the monsoon.

1. Use A Refreshing Body Wash

Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse is the mantra to follow on those humid rainy days. And by cleansing we do not mean rigorous cleaning; we mean using the right detoxifying products. Body washes are a must for an everyday routine but in monsoon, opt for ones which have antibacterial properties and also which rejuvenate the body at the same time.

2. Exfoliation Is Important For The Body Too

Deep cleansing the body is a must on rainy days. A layer of dead skin cells becomes an obvious thing in the monsoon season. Grime and oily skin become more prominent in this season and it's best to opt for exfoliator or body scrubs, which helps in deep cleansing the body and removing all the dirt, grime and excess oil. Exfoliators are a must in your body care routine.

3. Moisturise It Well

Moisturisation is the key to healthy, glowing skin. Opt for a body moisturiser or a cream to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. Moisturisers help in retaining the natural moisture of the skin and giving them nourishment. We may sometimes overlook the fact that our body needs moisturisation in monsoons. Opt for lightweight products that gets absorbed easily.

4. Keep Your Hands Healthy Too

Washing your hands is essential but keeping them healthy is important too. Hand creams are the best way to ensure clean, healthy and moisturised hands. Pick a lightweight texture with a pretty fragrance for your monsoon days.

5. Opt For Anti-Fungal Powder

Fungal infections are a common worry in monsoon. Be it between your toes or at the base of your back, it is usually caused by extreme sweat and humidity and the best way to combat this problem is by using an anti-fungal powder after bathing and keeping the area as dry as possible.

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