Christmas 2020: How To Be Merry In COVID Times

Updated: December 21, 2020 16:27 IST

COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed the whole of 2020 and Christmas has not been spared either. Worldover the festivities this year are muted as the threat of coronavirus overshadows any possibility of usual festivities. But let the yuletide spirit not be dampened. Here's how to welcome Santa Claus this year adhering to all the protocols for a safe and healthy Christmas.

Christmas 2020: How To Be Merry In COVID Times.
Safest Christmas Is One Celebrated At Home:

Yes, Christmas is all about meeting family and friends and enjoying the grand festival supper. However this year, ditch the large get-togethers and parties. Embracing the new COVID-19 normal, meet friends and families online and enjoy food and drinks together, although from the comfort and safety of respective homes.

Find innovative ways to host a Christmas party. From playing holiday inspired virtual games to singing Christmas carols or even enjoying a virtual gingerbread making competition, there are tons of ideas to get you going. Play games like Christmas trivia, virtual Christmas karaoke or simply a Christmas drawing/ cake or cookie baking competition.
Christmas 2020: How To Be Merry In COVID Times.
What's Christmas, Without A Christmas Tree:

In this new world when we need to rethink our old ways, may be ditching the usual Christmas tree, one that is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-a non-recyclable plastic that emits lots of pollutants during production and even transportation, might be a good idea. Opt for a green alternative, instead. From making a Christmas tree on a blackboard in your own creative way to making a tree with string lights on the wall, there are a lot of creative ways to deck up your home. One can also make a personalized Christmas tree with old books, magazines or other discarded paper products. Just draw a Christmas tree on the cardboard and cut it up and then simply start decorating it with old papers, mails or magazines.

You can also use your Jenga wooden Game and make yourself a very pretty Christmas tree.
Christmas 2020: How To Be Merry In COVID Times.
Spread Christmas Cheer And Play Virtual Secret Santa:

Though the Christmas celebrations have got a virtual makeover thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic this year, there's still much to be excited about. Secret Santa, for one, can be played virtually. Instead of hiding gifts, this time, one can send goodies to everyone's home and during the virtual party celebrations you can have little fun by opening up your gift and guessing your secret santa.

One can also send gift cards and greetings for the festival on email.
Christmas 2020: How To Be Merry In COVID Times.
Don't Forget To Adopt COVID-19 Appropriate Behaviour:

Wear A Mask: Ensure you are wearing a mask if you are going out for any work or if anyone is coming to your house. This will keep you safe from infection of COVID-19.

Always Maintain A Safe Distance: Incase some people are coming over, make sure you are maintaining a safe distance with them. According to World Health Organisation, one should maintain at least a 1-metre distance from each other to reduce the risk of infection.

Don't Forget To Wash Hands As Frequently As Possible: While opening any gifts or exchanging them, ensure you wash your hands before and after. Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta adds, 'There is data emerging now that shows transmission of viruses from surfaces may not be an important factor. But we still need to be cautious at all times. Therefore, practising these COVID-19 appropriate behaviour is the only way to keep this virus at bay.'

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