Daily Crossword Puzzles Online

In for some mental yoga? Our crossword puzzles will test, challenge and push you in ways that are both rewarding and satisfying. It is ideal for those who enjoy learning about words. In addition, it will also win you bragging rights among friends and family. All it takes is some dedicated focus on fundamentals and working the clues. And, viola, we have a result. Crosswords are a great way to unwind and also keep the mind sharp and engaged. There's never a downtime with a crossword in hand, on paper, tablet or iPad.
Crosswords are not a test of the range and scope of your vocabulary. It tests a combination of things - your general awareness, historical facts and of course the ease with words. And anyone can learn to do it with a bit of time, patience and the desire to learn something.
For example, what is a group of pandas called, the clue asks you. It also tells you that it is a 13-letter word. Now, you either know it already or a simple search will tell you that it is called an "EMBARRASSMENT". And you then go on. Build on small successes and keep going.
Say, another clue tells you to identify the word for "to shout loudly" and also tells you that it is a four-letter word. You instantly know it is "YELL".
What is a short novel called, another clue tells you. And it says it is a seven-letter word. Now, all literature lovers will know instantly that it is called a "NOVELLA". And even if you don't, you will learn something new. So take it as learning.
The key is to look for clues that are the easiest and get them out of the way first. And then mount and attack on the bigger ones, you will surely get them too. Sample this, something a spider spins is your clue. And it is a three-letter word. The answer we all know is "WEB". And that's how you get started. Congratulate yourself on every success and go on for more.
Another tip is to look for answers to become better solvers. At the end of the day, it is a learning game, you pick up a new word, or trivia or a new thing. And that's how you grow as a crossword solver and a person as well.
As you go deep into the game, you will learn to love it. And soon you will be a pro. We say you give it a go with our crossword right here.