NDTV Hindu
India’s two most credible media houses NDTV Ltd. & The Hindu came together to launch Chennai’s first & only city-specific English News & Entertainment channel ‘NDTV HINDU’. This channel of “Nonstop programmes for Nonstop Chennai”, covers breaking news & current affairs as well as user-friendly information on the hottest eateries, latest gizmos in town & best shopping and hangout destinations in the city. Every programme reveals a new facet of Chennai & around, offering news that is authentic, credible & entertaining with a young & enthusiastic team of anchors & reporters.
The key shows
Chennai Speaks Out – This is Chennai’s first English Talk show that encourages Chennaites to speak out about issues that concern them. The main panelists are well-known from around the city and the issues lined up range from domestic violence to an inadequate school system. Join the show, hosted by Jennifer Arul, to get a ringside view of what Chennai is thinking!
Property Matters – Its all about what’s hot and what’s not - and its not just about brick and mortar! The effervescent Sara sparkles her way through beautiful homes, the best city locations and all the good deals in the market. So stay with her as she journeys through the maze- that is real estate. Here’s a show that makes real estate a breeze!
Business Line – If you need to simplify your life – to separate the complexities of the markets, mutual funds, business deals, mergers, acquisitions - then watch this weekend business programme. And listen to what the CEO’s and business leaders have to say about their work, their lives and their goals. The show is crisp and sharp – anchored by our own CEO Rajiv Lulla and Pranav Bakshi, the Channel’s business and strategic planning head.
The Big Pic – Take a journey with Anuradha into the world of Kollywood and find out who is in and who is out, who is number one and who is done. Behind the scene interviews, movie trivia, celebrity chats, rumors and much more. Go ahead, pop the corns and grab the best seats in the house for your date with this bright author of 'Rangoli'.
Super Shopper – Meet shopaholics Soumya, Kunal and Sara as they introduce you to a world of style and glamour. Travel with them into boutiques, stores, malls and even the footpath. Check out the best deals and sales. Don't blame us if they lighten your wallet in the process!
Feeding Frenzy – From dosa joints to gourmet club, Pratibha, a self-confessed foodie, will tell you all about the latest cuisines, the hits, the misses and the must haves. Watch Soumya talk to celebrated restaurateurs and interview foodie entrepreneurs, while Nirupama dives into kitchens. All we can say is bon appétit!
Byte It – A robot in a soup, a penknife that's also a mobile, a post box that talks, it’s tech bytes with wannabe yogi Kunal and Pratibha whose idea of fun is studying gadgets. Find out all about the latest fads, gizmos and more importantly, how to use them from Charithra.
Key Personnel & Anchors
Pranav Bakshi - Head of Strategy & Planning has been an integral part of the successful launch of Chennai’s first & only city-specific English News & Entertainment channel. Pranav is a media executive with a strong record of success defining, implementing sales and operational strategy in the broadcast industry. He brings an experience ranging from Times of India, Tata’s and ABN Amro Banks. With a business degree in Marketing and Finance, as well as masters in Economics, Pranav is also currently an anchor for our weekly business show 'Business Line'.
Anuradha Ananth, Features-Head, with her love for art in all its forms, she conceptualizes and produces shows such as “The Big Pic” and “Unlocking lives”. Her journey in the media started with SUN NEWS and SS Music and it continues with NDTV HINDU. An English Literature student, she also acts in stage plays. Her passion for books has led her to write her first book for children called “Rangoli”. People, films, travel and life, with its many joys and challenges, are her muses.
Evelyn Mathew – Born and brought up in Kuwait, Evelyn came to Chennai for higher studies. With a Bachelor in Electronic Media and Masters in Broadcast Communication, Evelyn made Chennai her home. She likes being called a ‘foodie’, and can be found enjoying sumptuous bites at Kaienthi Bhavans to the lovely restaurants in the city.
Nirupama Belliappa – Having studied film and East Asian religions in Montreal, Canada, Nirupama did not expect to be hosting a workout show with NDTV-Hindu in Chennai, India. But this country has taught her to stop expecting. Her petite form belies her dinosaurian appetite, hence it’s a little wonder she hosts "Feeding Frenzy". She takes occasional breaks from the dinner table to play her flute, guitar or sitar…and if there’s still time left she ends up being a water-babe!

Anchoring Success

NDTV was the brainchild of its Executive Co-Chairpersons, Radhika and Prannoy Roy. Prannoy Roy brought a country to the edge of its seat with his innate knack of translating the complicated facts of election politics and...

From the Reel to the Real

Commercial and critical success aside, what the corporation is most proud of is how its work works in the real world. Using its powerful reach to campaign for and with the people of India.