About the Company
Anchoring Success

Prannoy Roy brought the country to the edge of their seats with his innate knack of translating the complicated facts of election politics and budget number crunching into straight-to-the-point analysis. After several years and thousands of anchoring hours, he has questioned and examined the salient facts about how the news affects the viewers' lives. Radhika Roy, as a print journalist in the mid-1980s, was quick to see the endless possibilities of televised news. With a rare combination of business acumen, editorial expertise and programming excellence, she has charted the company's growth.

Along with Prannoy and Radhika, KVL Narayan Rao, Group CEO has also played a vital role in the transition and growth of NDTV from a production house to a media network. He has ensured that the business aspirations of NDTV of becoming a 'global Indian media brand' continued to be achieved.

Under their leadership, NDTV has been home to the country's finest broadcast talent. Some of the best recognised faces on the network are Vikram Chandra, Sonia Singh, Sreenivasan Jain, Nidhi Razdan, Vishnu Som, Puja Talwar, Gargi Rawat, Aneesha Baig, Aunindyo Chakravarty, Abhigyan Prakash, Ravish Kumar, Nidhi Kulpati, Naghma, Manoranjan Bharati, Manisha Natarajan, Anjilee Istwal, Siddharth Vinayak Patankar and Rajiv Makhni amongst others.

Together with a 500 plus strong team of reporters and producers around the country, they have been instrumental in building the company's brand and credibility.

Anchoring Success

NDTV was the brainchild of its Executive Co-Chairpersons, Radhika and Prannoy Roy. Prannoy Roy brought a country to the edge of its seat with his innate knack of translating the complicated facts of election politics and...

From the Reel to the Real

Commercial and critical success aside, what the corporation is most proud of is how its work works in the real world. Using its powerful reach to campaign for and with the people of India.