NDTV 24x7

This flagship channel from the NDTV news network is India’s most trusted and credible English News channel. In addition to national and international news, sports, weather and entertainment news there will be high quality business and finance segments, which will enhance viewer experience on the channel during daytime trading hours.

Winner of numerous awards, including the Asian Television Award for Best News Channel, NDTV 24X7 is home to the finest journalists and TV production team across the country.

It also beams its cutting-edge programming to over 100 countries beyond Indian shores, broadcasting in the UK on the Sky Digital platform, where NDTV 24x7 has consistently been the most watched news channel, according to the official audience measuring body BARB. In the USA NDTV 24x7 is available on the Time Warner cable systems and the Direct TV platform; in Canada on the ATN platform; in Australia on the Vision Asia platform; in Europe on the WorldTV platform, and in Singapore on the Singtel platform.

The Key Shows

We The People: This powerful opinion-based show puts eminent panelists at the mercy of an enquiring public, throwing the floor open for discussions on the issues affecting the country and its people and ensuring that the average citizen has his or her say.

The Big Fight: Hosted by Vikram Chandra, the show pits those on opposite sides of an issue against each other in a lively and often heated debate. What emerges from the sometimes controversial opinions is a thorough 360° view of the key national or global issue at hand.

The Buck Stops Here: A cutting edge daily prime time show that covers a gamut of political and social debates, through hard hitting opinion and interviews with all the big newsmakers. The show is widely seen to have redefined television standards in India. Unmatched production values with impeccable research work and inimitable presentation by the anchor make it a benchmark on Indian Television. This is also the first show that began taking live tweets in an attempt to become the most interactive show on Indian Television. The Buck Stops Here is anchored by some of the country’s best known and regarded television journalists.

Left Right & Centre: One hour of the day's biggest news discussed threadbare by the day's newsmakers. Diverse opinions, from across the political spectrum, drawn out and dissected. The show that makes you decide - Are you the Left, Right or the Centre?

Truth vs Hype: Anchored and presented by Sreenivasan Jain, Truth vs Hype is the only major news show that travels every week to ground zero to answer the questions that lie at the heart of every big story of our time – from politics, to corruption, to conflict zones.

Shot and edited as a cutting edge news documentary, each episode is backed by solid research, hard facts and a clear-eyed sifting through evidence.

Standout episodes of the show’s first season included the debate over whether the Army should withdraw from Jammu and Kashmir, the propaganda war that has broken out in Sri Lanka after the war with the LTTE ended, an investigation into illegal mining in Goa, the myth of Manipur’s 100 day long economic blockade, and Anna Hazare’s provocative views on using violence to combat social ills.

Walk the Talk: Another flagship programme of NDTV 24X7, it is a technical first in the Indian television industry, being the only programme in the country to be shot in one take.

With over two hundred episodes, Senior Editor and Columnist, Shekhar Gupta, has travelled and questioned every eminent national and many international personalities at a place of special relevance to the guest. Amongst the stellar guests the show has had, were three of India’s Nobel Prize winners – Dr. Amartya Sen, VS Naipul and The Dalai Lama.

The NDTV Dialogues: Amid the political noise and fury, NDTV starts a new weekly series, THE NDTV DIALOGUES, aimed at fostering conversations which actually further our understanding on key issues and look at potential solutions. There will be no adversarial positions, just a look at different perspectives on how to address the key challenges facing India today. The show is anchored and presented by Sonia Singh.

Key Personnel & Anchors

Sonia Singh is the Editorial Director of NDTV and President of the NDTV Ethics Committee. Sonia also currently hosts ‘The NDTV Dialogues’, a show which is truly a Dialogue of Ideas, focusing on issues that go beyond political trivia. In her television career of over 20 years, Sonia has hosted many award winning shows including India Decides, Your Call and Verdict.

Sonia has also successfully managed news ranging from the Kandahar hijack, the attack on Parliament, 26/11, the Vajpayee government’s dramatic vote of confidence, the Kargil war and many other pivotal stories. She believes it is very important to keep a sense of editorial perspective and take the long view of all that’s happening around us in these turbulent times and looks forward to many more exciting chapters of the India story.

(Sonia Singh is married to Congress leader RPN Singh)

Vikram Chandra - Consulting Editor NDTV, Vikram has been associated with NDTV since 1994 and is not only one of India’s leading news personalities and anchors, but has also taken on corporate responsibility for several years.

As one of India's best known anchor persons he presents ‘The Big Fight’, which has long been one of India's top rated news and current affairs programmes and ‘Gadget Guru’, along with several other special shows. During his stint as a special correspondent, he has extensively covered the Siachen & Kargil wars, and the conflict in Kashmir.

Vikram has been named “Global Leader for Tomorrow” and a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum in Davos. He has won many awards including “Best Anchor for a Talk Show”, the Hero Honda Award for Best Anchor-person and the Teacher’s Achievement Award for Communication.

He has been one of the pioneers in social programming for public interest and has anchored three GREENATHON’s that raised money for solar lanterns and is now involved with the “Save our Tigers” campaign.

Sreenivasan Jain – Has been associated with NDTV since 1995, reporting on virtually every major national and international story, as well as anchoring prime time news shows like Star News Sunday, the 9pm News, and Witness.

Sreenivasan specializes in reportage on national politics, political economy and investigations. He has covered the Afghanistan war, the Sri Lanka conflict, and the US Presidential elections. From 2003-2011, he was heading NDTV’s operations in Mumbai, where he made a mark for his coverage of the 26/11 terrorist attack on the city.

He has received numerous national and international awards including the Ramnath Goenka Award, the Indian Television Academy Award, and the World Silver Medal at the New York Festivals.

Currently he reports and presents Truth vs Hype on NDTV 24x7, a ground – zero reportage based news documentary, and Power of One on NDTV Profit, where he interviews key political, government and business leaders.

Manika Raikwar Ahirwal – Managing Editor NDTV 24x7 and Editor Integration Manika is currently responsible for gathering all news inputs from across the country, and ensuring what goes on air is true, fast and credible. She graduated from Miranda House and did her Masters from the Mass Communication Research Centre at the Jamia Millia University in Delhi.

She joined NDTV in 1996 after a stint with Newstrack, India’s first video magazine, as a researcher, reporter. Manika has anchored a highly successful programme on Women’s Issues, and has reported for several years, when she covered the Gujarat Earthquake, the Narmada Bachao Andolan as well.

In addition to her role as a key member of NDTV 24x7’s Editorial Team, Manika will be maximising resources and planning across NDTV’s different channels, working with the senior most editorial teams at NDTV India, Profit, Lifestyle, Worldwide, special projects, Red Dot and other teams.

Chetan Bhattacharji – Managing Editor NDTV 24x7. Chetan has been with NDTV since January, 1995 and has been part of the Editorial Team for the last ten years. He has worked on several regular and special shows like the elections, and in particular, the NDTV 24x7’s flagship, award-winning news bulletin India Decides@9. Before this he reported in Delhi, was then transferred to Chandigarh and reported from its neighbouring states. He covered news ranging from the Kargil war to the former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao’s trials.

He began his career as a producer working on the landmark ‘The World This Week’, later directing shows and news bulletins. As Managing Editor, Chetan will be responsible for a special focus on ratings as well as driving additional revenue for the channel, in addition to other specific editorial roles.

Chetan has one of the most well informed and incisive minds at NDTV. His editorial judgement is solid and reliable and his extensive knowledge and experience of editorial processes have earned him an enviable reputation for being NDTV's 'safe pair of hands'. Chetan is a crucial and integral part of NDTV 24x7 which will benefit greatly from his inputs in his role as Managing Editor.

Anasuya Mathur – Anasuya Mathur joined NDTV in July 1995. She honed her production skills working on shows like ‘The World This Week, ‘Question Time India’, ‘The Big Fight’ and ‘Star News Sunday’.

Anasuya joined the sports desk as a reporter cum producer in 2002 and travelled a fair bit covering the event closest to her heart, the Olympics! She has covered three Olympics, a Commonwealth Games, an Asian Games and two cricket tours to Australia.

Anasuya moved back to production in September 2011 and now heads a team of 80 very capable and talented people as Channel Head, Production Operations, NDTV 24x7.

Nidhi Razdan – Nidhi Razdan is a Senior Editor and Senior Anchor. She anchors the daily news programme 'Left, Right and Centre' which is a popular news show.

Joining NDTV in 1999, Nidhi has covered Indian politics and foreign affairs closely, including the India- US nuclear deal, general elections, several state elections, all major news developments and elections in Jammu and Kashmir, the earthquakes in Kashmir in 2005 and Gujarat in 2001.

She has done documentaries from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Tibet and the UK after the train bombings.

Nidhi has won the prestigious Ramnath Goenka award for her reporting from Jammu and Kashmir and several awards for her anchoring.

Vishnu Som – Editor Special Programmes/Documentaries and Senior Anchor NDTV and with more than 7000 hours of live broadcast experience, Vishnu has anchored through some of the biggest breaking news stories in the world.

As a journalist, he has closely covered the Afghanistan, Iraq and Kargil wars and the Siachen conflict. He has fearlessly reported during the Tsunami, the Gujarat earthquake and the floods in Bihar.

A documentary film producer, Vishnu has received an award for best min-series in, and has also been conferred with a UN Fellowship for Young Journalists from Developing Countries.