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Banner Type & NDTV properties Dimensions
Leaderboard 728x90
Add Unit Specs
  • Maximum weight – Under 100KB Maximum frame rate – 12-16 fps
  • Animation limit – 15 seconds
  • Stop all animations before 15 second.
  • Looping not allowed. Can add a replay button (only for standard creative)
  • User initiated sound allowed, File loading not permitted.
  • Backup Image mandatory
  • Last frame should have the company’s branding on it.
  • Accepted file formats:
    • PNG, JPEG, GIF, HTML 5 and 3rd Party tags for standard creative.
    • In case of tags, all images should include borders.
HTML Guidlines
  • An HTML document (mandatory)
  • If using CSS, it should be separate files
  • If using JavaScript, it should be separate files
  • Images (PSD,JPG, PNG, GIF)
  • Videos (MP4, OGV, WEBM)
  • IF using GWD, file required in open format not published