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NDTV APP & WAP - Click to Expand

Banner type


NDTV Property


Click to Expand

320x50 will expand to 320x480


The expansion will be from bottom to top in the NDTV App and in mobile website (WAP) it will be from top to bottom

Ad Unit Specs
  • Max 15kb for standard creative and 80 kb for expandables
  • Dimensions – please refer the above table
  • GIF, JPG, PNG & Third party tags - MRAID compliant.(required only for APP)
  • The banner will be shown at the bottom on the NDTV App and on the top on the mobile website(WAP)
  • No expand or replay text required in base panel – 30x12 pixels space should be left on either top or bottom, right or left of the banner for NDTV to place the expand or reply text
  • Rich media : Accepted as long as the 320x50 banner is following AdMob specs or MRAID
  • Animation limit – Max 15 second
  • Stop all animations before 15 second
  • In case of tags, all images should include borders.