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MPs or Sons of Anarchy? Parliament's day of shame



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MPs or Sons of Anarchy? Parliament's day of shame

Law-makers were on their worst behaviour in Parliament today as those supporting a new state of Telangana clashed with others who are opposed to the government's proposal to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh. In the clashes, a pepper spray was used by L Rajagopal of the Congress on other lawmakers. On a day, which is clearly a new low for Parliament, we debate are they Members of Parliament or Sons of Anarchy? Also on the show, has the government lost control and should Parliament be dissolved?

Government must bring order in Parliament if it wants BJP support on Telangana: Rajnath Singh to NDTV

BJP chief Rajnath Singh spoke to NDTV after the Telangana protests in the Parliament took a violent turn today. "Whatever has happened in Parliament is extremely shameful. We couldn't imagine that such a situation will emerge. I blame the Congress-led UPA government for this," said Mr Singh.