Walk The Talk With Jyothi Reddy, CEO, Key Software Solutions

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  • Published On: July 24, 2015
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"No compromise. No condition's permanent. Nothing is impossible," are the three beliefs that Jyothi Reddy, CEO of Key Software Solutions preaches every woman hailing from the economically weaker section in this country. A child dispensed to an orphanage by her own parents at the age of six, she earned a living through her teenage years by breaking stones 10 hours a day while being paid a meagre Rs 5 a day. She became a mother of two girls by the age of 18, yet there was nothing that faded her indomitable spirit which helped her achieve the dream of becoming economically stronger against all odds. An icon to all Indians, Mrs Reddy narrates inspirational story of how a forced orphan, later a mother suffering domestic violence has gone on to become the CEO of a 15 million dollar software company.

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