NDTV-Toyota Greenies Eco awards
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  • December 05, 2010
NDTV Greenies Nominee: Gardenia of 'responsible luxury'

The ITC Royal Gardenia in Bangalore is a hotel that takes its tag of a green hotel very seriously. From green walls that keep the interiors naturally cool to educating their guests to be not just eco-friendly but eco-responsible, the hotel does it all. The Royal Gardenia staff calls it 'responsible luxury'.

December 06, 2010   19:40
NDTV-Toyota Greenies - the biggest-ever 'Green' Awards in India will be given out on December 7. Here's a look at some of the nominees.
December 05, 2010   20:52
The NDTV-Toyota Greenies seek to recognise contributions of people and organisations really walking-the-talk and making a difference to the environment.
December 04, 2010   2:12
Park Hotel in Hyderabad stands tall as India's first LEED gold-certified green hotel. The hotel is internationally recognised for energy saving and for using resources optimally - reason enough for neighbour's envy and owner's pride.
December 02, 2010   1:55
It's a hotel at the heart of Mumbai, but Orchid prefers the tag of an 'ecotel'. The green measures not only help the hotel be eco-responsible, but also earn while saving on energy.
November 25, 2010   1:42
A school that gets no power but generates its own through solar, hydro and biogas plants on campus, Sholai School near Kodaikanal is in the running for NDTV-Toyota Greenies award.
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