Supertech Demolition - 5 Bitter Truths Revealed About India's Real Estate

PUBLISHED ON: September 3, 2022 | Duration: 26 min, 04 sec

When two skyscrapers in the national capital region are demolished in 9 seconds, throwing up mountains of dust and debris – one is forced to introspect – what went so horribly wrong? This week on the property show – we focus on 5 harsh truths revealed by the demolition of the Supertech Twin Towers – truths which explain the massive trust deficit in India's housing sector. Aditya Parolia, Supreme court lawyer who has represented many home buyers in stuck projects and Ashwinder R Singh, a real estate expert and author of the bestselling book - 'The A to Z of Residential Real estate' give their insights on this matter.
Glaring Truths Of Indian Real Estate
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