Pollution Blackens Whitefield: How Residents Have Taken On Big Industry

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  • Published On: October 01, 2018
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Imagine walking around your home to find your feet and clothes covered with a black dust. You would be saying it's just household dust, except in Whitefield near Bengaluru, residents say it's not normal dust but graphite dust, the same stuff you find on the tip of a pencil. It's poisonous and when this dust enters your lungs, it can be deadly. This is a reality in the lives of people who live there. They point fingers at a big Indian company - Graphite India. On Trending @10, we speak to the residents of Whitefield and bring you a special ground report. We also reached out to Graphite India who chose not to be a part of the show but sent us a statement saying, "All that we can submit is that emissions from our Bengaluru factory are within the norms prescribed by the Pollution Board. As regards Ambient Air Quality, besides emission from the factory, emissions from other sources including the heavy vehicular traffic, construction activity, other industries and now the ongoing metro work must also be taken into account by the authorities."

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