PM Modi On Stage, Nitish Kumar's "Over 4,000 MPs" Faux Pas In Bihar

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  • Published On: April 07, 2024
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It was a 25-minute speech heavily laden with bloopers, at the end of which, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was seen touching the feet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with whom he was sharing stage at Bihar's Nawada today.  The Prime Minister, who was apparently waiting for Mr Kumar to finish, was heard joshing him. "You gave such a good speech there is nothing left for me to say," a leader who overheard them, quoted PM Modi as saying. At this, the Chief Minister, all smiles, bent and touched his feet. Mr Kumar's speech went viral on social media shortly.

Especially the bit where the Chief Minister is heard saying in the coming general elections, the people will give all their votes to the Prime Minister, who will be "back with four la -- (checks himself) 4000 MPs".

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