Cycling Is A Total Body Exercise And Needs More Attention In Urban Planning: Dr Naresh Trehan

PUBLISHED ON: December 12, 2020 | Duration: 3 min, 00 sec

On the #CycleForChange Telethon Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman & Managing Director, Medanta - The Medicity said that this is not the last pandemic we will see, there is an incremental interaction between bacteria, virus and humans due to the damage caused to the enviroment. So, the need of the hour is to restore what we have damaged in terms of nature or else we will suffer more and more. Dr Trehan feels that exercising is one of the ways to mitigate this danger and cycling is good for the joints, legs, abdomen and also a good cardiovascular exercise which needs to be encouraged but is not getting enough attention in urban planning.
Cycling For Health And Environment
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