Prannoy Roy's Analysis Of Karnataka Election Results

PUBLISHED ON: May 15, 2018 | Duration: 1 hr, 32 min, 20 sec

The Karnataka election ended in a cliffhanger today. The BJP emerged the single largest party but short of an outright majority. The party's BS Yeddyurappa met the governor and asked for a chance to prove his majority. The Janata Dal (Secular), which finished third, also told the governor it would form the government with Congress support. What happens next depends entirely on the governor who was appointed by the Centre four years ago.

Here are the highlights of the Karnataka election results:

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of election results is that they are invariably full of surprises. And phew do we have a humdinger of a surprise this time. It's turned out to be a real thriller. The Game Of Thrones in real life. Most important is that it is these times of uncertainty - how will our politicians behave. With dignity and will they honour our country's institutions - or will there be horse-trading - and the demolition of the pillars of our democracy. The politicians should know - The people of India are watching. The world is watching: Prannoy Roy on Karnataka election results.

Eminent lawyer Harish Salve on Karnataka election results: The governor has to meet each of the three parties and see if they have a firm basis for their stand. Governors can't be the judge of whether an alliance is unprincipled or if the numbers add up.

Mr Salve, speaking at NDTV's special election analysis, says, "One thing I do not want is for courts to intervene. I have serious misgivings about that."

Biocon Chairperson Kiran Mazumdar Shaw reacting on Karnataka election results says, "If Congress and JD(S) have the numbers, so be it. The BJP will be a strong opposition. That will be in everyone's interest."

Congress leader Manish Tewari, while speaking to NDTV, says, "The governor has a single-largest party which is short of the halfway mark and a post-poll coalition which is over the halfway mark. So the governor should call the coalition that is over the halfway mark."

Senior journalist N Ram says, "I'm not happy with the Congress participating in the government having lost the election. But if there's a post-poll alliance, there is no reason to deny them that."

Ultimate test on the floor of the house: BJP's Nalin Kohli

At the special election analysis of Karnataka election results, BJP leader Nalin Kohli says, "The ultimate test is on the floor of the house. But who to call is the call of the governor, there is no straight-jacket answer."

52% of the sitting lawmakers were re-elected while the rest were voted out.

How the BJP has performed in this election vs the last two elections

"This is the 371st election India has held": Prannoy Roy decodes Karnataka election results.

Party-wise breakup of sitting MLAs re-elected in Karnataka elections

BJP performed best in these two regions in Karnataka elections

Congress performed best in these 2 regions in this year's Karnataka elections

Talks with Congress started 3 days back: JD(S) leader to NDTV

"I am the person who acted as a contact between the two parties for the post-poll alliance," says JD(S)' Danish Ali. He adds that he met Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad three days ago after a television show and that was where the conversation started for a coalition. He also says that Ghulam Nabi Azad was instrumental in stitching the post-poll alliance. "I hope all regional, secular parties can come together to fight the BJP," he adds.

JD(S) performed best in these two regions in Karnataka election results

Election Math - votes and seats for Congress-JD(S) vs BJP in Karnataka election results

Speaking at NDTV's special election analysis, senior journalist Sagarika Ghose says, "The Congress dream of fighting the BJP alone is over. I think the Congress and the JD(S) will be able to hold their alliance. I don't see where the BJP will find the other MLAs without dubious horse-trading."

More votes but fewer seats in Karnataka election results

प्रमोद सावंत ने राजभवन में रात 2 बजे आयोजित समारोह में गोवा के मुख्यमंत्री पद की शपथ ली
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