Government Bends To Doctors' Will: Outrage Over 'Crosspathy'

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  • Published On: January 02, 2018
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It was meant to be a big ticket reform bill for the Modi government but soon after it was introduced last week, it had the medical committee outraged. The national medical commission bill sought to change the way medical education was conducted in India and also aimed to bridge the gap between MBBS doctors and ayurveda and homeopathy doctors. This had practitioners of modern medicine screaming - how can the government bring in legislation which will legitimise quackery, many doctors joined a call for strike by top private medical body and many wore black bands to protest the bill. By afternoon, the doctors had their way - the government announced they were sending the bill to a standing committee and the strike was called off. On Reality Check, we discuss just what the government had in mind with the NMC bill.

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