In Partnership With Tetra Pak| ITC And Tetra Pak, A Relationship For A Circular Economy

PUBLISHED ON: August 17, 2020 | Duration: 2 min, 45 sec

ITC and Tetra Pak enjoy a unique 'circular' relationship. ITC is a supplier of paper-board to Tetra Pak. This paperboard is converted into packaging material for beverage cartons by Tetra Pak, which is used by ITC to package its BNatural range of juices. And the used beverage cartons (Naturals and other F&B brands) are recycled back into paperboard at ITC's paper mill at Kovai. A unique supplier-customer-recycler relationship that exemplifies how paper-based carton packages can be efficiently recycled, and continue to live on for years in many different forms.
In Partnership With Tetra Pak | "Take Me Back": A Carton Recycling Program In Chennai

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