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JBP-NIR PASS (51707) Route, Time Table, Schedule

Number 51707
Destination NAINPUR JN (NIR)

51707 Jbp-nir Pass is a Passenger (PAS) which is running between Madan Mahal (MML) and Nainpur Jn (NIR). Jbp-nir Pass covers total journey of 119 kilometers. At 19:15 it departs from Madan Mahal and at 23:00 it arrives at Nainpur Jn. 51707 Jbp-nir Pass has total 17 stopping station like CHORGHATPIPARIA (CRE), DEVRI P.H (DRPH), NIDHANI (NDNI) etc. between both source and destination stations. Check here 51707 Running status

Last one week running status of the JBP-NIR PASS
4th February RT
17th August RT
5th May RT
18th April RT
10th January RT
7th December RT
18th August RT
15th August RT
Current Location of the Train (4th February)MADAN MAHAL ( MML )
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Train Avg. speed 32 km/hr
Journey Distance 119Km.
Train Travel Time 3 Hr 45 Min.
Type of Train PASSENGER (PAS)
Train Running schedule Daily (All Days)

JBP-NIR PASS - 51707 Train Schedule

Stations Arrival Departure Halt Distance Day
Stations MADAN MAHAL Arrival starts Departure 19:15 Halt - Distance - Day 1
Stations GARHA GOODS SHE Arrival 19:29 Departure 19:31 Halt 2 m Distance 9 km Day 1
Stations GUWARIGHAT Arrival 19:44 Departure 19:46 Halt 2 m Distance 18 km Day 1
Stations JMTRA PARASWARA Arrival 19:53 Departure 19:54 Halt 1 m Distance 22 km Day 1
Stations CHORGHATPIPARIA Arrival 20:05 Departure 20:06 Halt 1 m Distance 30 km Day 1
Stations BARGI Arrival 20:15 Departure 20:17 Halt 2 m Distance 37 km Day 1
Stations SUKRIMANGELA Arrival 20:31 Departure 20:33 Halt 2 m Distance 48 km Day 1
Stations KALADEHI Arrival 20:40 Departure 20:41 Halt 1 m Distance 51 km Day 1
Stations DEVRI P.H Arrival 20:49 Departure 20:50 Halt 1 m Distance 55 km Day 1
Stations SHIKARA Arrival 21:05 Departure 21:07 Halt 2 m Distance 63 km Day 1
Stations BINAIKI Arrival 21:28 Departure 21:30 Halt 2 m Distance 76 km Day 1
Stations GHONSOR Arrival 21:46 Departure 21:48 Halt 2 m Distance 85 km Day 1
Stations NIDHANI Arrival 21:56 Departure 21:58 Halt 2 m Distance 92 km Day 1
Stations PUTARRA HALT Arrival 22:06 Departure 22:07 Halt 1 m Distance 99 km Day 1
Stations PINDRAI Arrival 22:15 Departure 22:17 Halt 2 m Distance 107 km Day 1
Stations JEONARA PH Arrival 22:25 Departure 22:26 Halt 1 m Distance 114 km Day 1
Stations NAINPUR JN Arrival 23:00 Departure Ends Halt - Distance 119 km Day 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What time JBP-NIR PASS depart from MADAN MAHAL Railway Station?

JBP-NIR PASS (51707) departs from MADAN MAHAL Railway Station at 19:15.

How much time JBP-NIR PASS take to reach NAINPUR JN Railway Station?

JBP-NIR PASS reach on day 1 to NAINPUR JN Railway Station. The arrival time of JBP-NIR PASS at NAINPUR JN Railway Station is 23:00.

Distance covered by JBP-NIR PASS?

JBP-NIR PASS covers 119 km to reach NAINPUR JN Railway Station at average speed of 32 km/hr. JBP-NIR PASS passes through 17 stations.

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