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CPJ-THE-DMU SPL (75010) Route, Time Table, Schedule

Number 75010
Destination THAWE JN (THE)

75010 Cpj-the-dmu Spl is a Dmu (DMU) which is running between Kaptanganj Jn (CPJ) and Thawe Jn (THE). Cpj-the-dmu Spl covers total journey of 99 kilometers. At 14:40 it departs from Kaptanganj Jn and at 17:30 it arrives at Thawe Jn. 75010 Cpj-the-dmu Spl has total 18 stopping station like BARHARAGANI (BAGJ), DUDAHI (DUE), TINPHERIA (TPV) etc. between both source and destination stations. Check here 75010 Running status

Last one week running status of the CPJ-THE-DMU SPL
15th December 1 Hr 45 Min
14th December RT
12th December RT
11th December RT
10th December 2 Hr 32 Min
9th December RT
8th December 1 Hr 33 Min
7th December RT
Current Location of the Train (15th December)TARIASUJAN ( TRJ )
Check Running Status
Train Avg. speed 35 km/hr
Journey Distance 99Km.
Train Travel Time 2 Hr 50 Min.
Type of Train DMU (DMU)
Train Running schedule Daily (All Days)

CPJ-THE-DMU SPL - 75010 Train Schedule

Stations Arrival Departure Halt Distance Day
Stations KAPTANGANJ JN Arrival starts Departure 14:40 Halt - Distance - Day 1
Stations MATHIA BARGHAT Arrival 14:48 Departure 14:49 Halt 1 m Distance 6 km Day 1
Stations LAKSHMIGANJ Arrival 14:55 Departure 14:56 Halt 1 m Distance 10 km Day 1
Stations RAMKOLA Arrival 15:03 Departure 15:04 Halt 1 m Distance 16 km Day 1
Stations BARHARAGANI Arrival 15:13 Departure 15:14 Halt 1 m Distance 24 km Day 1
Stations PADRAUNA Arrival 15:22 Departure 15:23 Halt 1 m Distance 31 km Day 1
Stations KATH KUIYAN Arrival 15:33 Departure 15:34 Halt 1 m Distance 39 km Day 1
Stations CHAF HALT Arrival 15:42 Departure 15:43 Halt 1 m Distance 46 km Day 1
Stations DUDAHI Arrival 15:59 Departure 16:00 Halt 1 m Distance 51 km Day 1
Stations GAURI SRIRAM Arrival 16:07 Departure 16:08 Halt 1 m Distance 56 km Day 1
Stations TAMKUHI ROAD Arrival 16:16 Departure 16:17 Halt 1 m Distance 63 km Day 1
Stations TARIASUJAN Arrival 16:27 Departure 16:28 Halt 1 m Distance 72 km Day 1
Stations TINPHERIA Arrival 16:34 Departure 16:35 Halt 1 m Distance 76 km Day 1
Stations JALALPUR Arrival 16:41 Departure 16:42 Halt 1 m Distance 80 km Day 1
Stations SIPAYA Arrival 16:47 Departure 16:48 Halt 1 m Distance 84 km Day 1
Stations SASA MUSA Arrival 16:54 Departure 16:55 Halt 1 m Distance 89 km Day 1
Stations NARKATIA BAZAR HALT Arrival 17:02 Departure 17:03 Halt 1 m Distance 93 km Day 1
Stations THAWE JN Arrival 17:30 Departure Ends Halt - Distance 99 km Day 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What time CPJ-THE-DMU SPL depart from KAPTANGANJ JN Railway Station?

CPJ-THE-DMU SPL (75010) departs from KAPTANGANJ JN Railway Station at 14:40.

How much time CPJ-THE-DMU SPL take to reach THAWE JN Railway Station?

CPJ-THE-DMU SPL reach on day 1 to THAWE JN Railway Station. The arrival time of CPJ-THE-DMU SPL at THAWE JN Railway Station is 17:30.

Distance covered by CPJ-THE-DMU SPL?

CPJ-THE-DMU SPL covers 99 km to reach THAWE JN Railway Station at average speed of 35 km/hr. CPJ-THE-DMU SPL passes through 18 stations.

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