Exclusive: NDTV Report From The Secret Bunker At Lanka Presidential Palace

PUBLISHED ON: July 11, 2022 | Duration: 3 min, 35 sec

Sri Lankan president go to buy a Rajapaksa's presidential palace has become a tourist spot. In fact, er since morning that we have been trying to, you know, see and explore the places along with the citizens here. What we see here and spotted was this particular secret bunker which, you know, some of the protesters who have been camping for over 48 hours had discovered. Now, if you want open, you already have one person stepping out. This this of course, looks like a covered. But it is not one because it opens and it leads to several floors, at least two floors down. Now what we are going to do is just to show you like this, which the protesters have termed it as the secret bunco. But there is also a list that operates through this particular secret bunker that this is something which the Sri Lankan citizens had discovered along with discouraging quite a few places and being in or of this particular presidential palace. In fact, we have quite a lot of Sri Lanka NHs, you know, coming in and visiting, taking a look at what really this place looks like and what was the life that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was actually living while you had Sri Lanka NHs out on the streets protesting, demanding food or medicines or even, for that matter, fuel as well. So this tour has clearly not ended in terms of exploration, and this is yet another floor. Now this also this particular floor also in fact, once you step inside that this was the particular door which we understand. The protesters had first discovered they had broke open this door. And once you look through this entire d chord, it is it is just like a cup board, but which is not really one, because the protesters, once they tried to break open through this particular door that is recovered, which is what we witnessed, you know, complete a trail of destruction, especially in the presidential palace. When they did that, that is when they discovered this particular secret bunker. But as you go down as you just take these tests to the ground floor, that is to be bottom floor. What we see is that there is one particular door that we spot that this, of course, which we understand. Though the protesters have managed to break open several doors managed to destroy euro several properties inside. Within the presidential palace, there is one which they could not. Of course you know, a dismantle or break open That is this particular door that you see right here What several of the protesters, of course, had questioned is what can go to buy a Rajapaksa, be hiding inside this particular know what could be behind this particular donor? That's the question, especially our zero. Quite a lot of citizens would like to know, because as and when they are exploring this particular place. But this is not just it. We have seen several, you know, in terms of whether you know, the piano weather in terms of the conference room, the swimming pool. So the kitchen. So all of this, you know, now what we see is that the Sri Lankans are having a merry inside the presidential palace. They say this is never in their life, have become across and luxury as big as this. So this being the secret bunker, which quite a lot of Sri Lankan say that go to by Rajapaksa must have looted their money but saluted the taxpayers citizens money could also be hiding back in there, but nobody really knows what Back in that door in Colombo, inside Presidential Palace with cameraperson Kumar Sridhar for NDTV.
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