PM's Pariksha Pe Charcha With Students

PUBLISHED ON: April 1, 2022 | Duration: 1 hr, 22 min, 36 sec


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today advised students to stay away from panic and appear for their tests in a festive mood. "You are not giving exams for the first time. In a way, you are exam-proof. Thus, do not be stressed. Remember, you have overcome such exams before," said PM Modi while interacting with board exam students at the fifth edition of 'Pariksha Pe Charcha'. 

He further said, "There is no one sitting here who is appearing for exams for the first time. We have become exam proof by repeatedly sitting for exams after equal intervals of time. Exams are a stepping stone in our life."

In Pariksha Pe Charcha - held annually - PM Modi interacts with the students, parents and teachers across the nation and overseas. In the event, the Prime Minister talks about examination stress and related questions.

Here are the highlights of PM Modi's interactive session with students in 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' event:

This is a special programme for me, but due to Covid pandemic I couldn't speak to you.

I am sure you (students) don't have tension regarding exams. Your parents will be having tension, not you.

Greetings to everyone for the coming festivals. We cannot enjoy festivals around exams but if we make exams a festival, we can enjoy them.

We will talk today on how to ace exams with hard work and in good spirits.

A lot of you have sent questions to me. I will try to address them in the limited time we have.

Today we will talk in the time we have but will address other questions you may have and put them on the NAMO app. So that it can be easy for everyone.

PM on how to deal with stress

The question in my heart is, what is fear? You have all given so many exams and now you are moving towards the end of giving exams. After crossing the ocean, you cannot be fearful when the shore is nearby.

We all have to go through these exams and have already dealt with them. Now, we are exam-proof. Try to keep that faith in you and through this big experience you will learn better.

This panic in your heart should not come from lack of preparation for the exams. It is my suggestion, maybe you have missed covering something in the syllabus but what you have covered keep faith in that.

This will help you overcome the stress and panic of the exams. Don't let panic thrive. Keep your daily schedule as it was even before exams.

Don't overthink. That will only make you panic more. Don't compare. Just do what you have been doing for a long time and keep the faith. I have faith that you will deal with exams in festival mode and succeed.

When we appear for exams, the experience we gain prepares us for the challenges ahead. We must look at them as a stepping stone to life.

PM on lack of concentration among students

The problem is not online or offline. There are distractions even in the offline mode in classes. If your brain is elsewhere and distracted, you won't be able to register. The same happens online too.

The medium is not the issue, the brain is. If your attentive, curious brain is trying and willing to learn, the mode does not make a difference.

In Gurukuls, there were no printing papers but they used to learn and remember it, all done in an oral format. It is just evolution that now we have online modes of learning.

Treat it as an opportunity, not as an issue. But do try to compare what you get online and offline in classes. Compare and seek to learn more. Online is for seeking. Offline is for making someone. We can seek all the knowledge we need online and offline whatever you learnt online, let it sink in and reflect on it.

PM on National Education Policy

NEP should be called 'National Education Policy. So many people were involved in drafting the policy. We were brainstorming on it for last 6-7 years.

We took advice of teachers & students from far-flung areas along with modern intellectuals.

Priority has been given to sports in the curriculum as it gives team spirits, competitive spirit and helps in overall development of students.

We cannot build the 21st century with policies of 20th century. Hence, we need to evolve and must.

We have lost some time till now but that's okay. Sometimes we are not able to pursue what we like but this policy changes that. You can change your choice of subjects at any time and pursue the same.

Skill has been made part of the syllabus as well. The policy will help in the overall development of students.

PM on how to deal with the expectations of parents and teachers

I request teachers and parents not to inject the thoughts they had about their own career. Don't push your kids for things you want but rather let them think for themselves what their dreams and hopes are.

Every child has their own strength, maybe that does not agree with what you hope for them, but it is your loss to not understand the child's dream.

This can create a rift between children and parents. To children, I am not saying to defy your parents. Just focus on what your strengths are work on them.

Maybe no one can see it in you but if you can, work on it and it will become your greatest achievement. You will be able to enjoy what you do and this will be good for you.

PM on striking a balance between studies and extra-curricular activities

Motivation does not come as an injection. Observe yourself and see what are the things that trigger the feelings of demotivation in you.

Find things that motivate you. For example, if there is a song you listen to and are inspired by the lyrics you will see that change in you that you will start thinking about things in a different way.

Analyse yourself through reflection rather than telling others that you don't like what you do. The latter will only make you seek comfort and sympathy but will lead to weakness. Stay determined to fight all obstacles alone rather than complain about them.

Look at what you observe. All of us have the ability to convert our weaknesses into our strengths. This will help you deal with problems better.

So observe things around you in a positive way rather than the weaknesses and learn how others around you deal with problems. This will give your strength as well.

No PM has taught a small child how to get up but they do. Learn in the same way.

PM on the importance of attention

Pay attention to whatever you do. Live in the moment. This will become your strength. Many people read newspaper in the morning. They are not living or registering information but just swapping pages of the newspaper.

The biggest gift we have is now. Learn to accept that.This is the idea behind memory. Don't relate remembering things to exams alone. You must use memory for life rather than just doing well in exams.

Expand your memory, add things to it and you will do well. The stable mind will always be able to retain more and produce more during exams. So calm your mind, take deep breaths and you will be able to retain better and produce good results. Train your mind and everything will work accordingly.

PM on how to improve productivity

Just like our body, our mind also cheats. So try to make sure that you don't let your mind divert only to things that you like. Mahatma Gandhi used to say we move to things we like rather than things that are important. Whenever, the mind cheats, bring it back.

Everyone can decide for themselves what timetable works for them. Find a time that is comfortable for you and work around it.

I saw a movie some years ago in which a man who lives in shanties lives in a big bungalow but is unable to sleep. To solve this he sleeps on the railway station and is able to sleep easily. This is the idea of comfort.

Adjust according to your comfort and focus on maximum outcome at all times.

Focus on what you want to do, despite everything that is going around.
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