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Video-Player skinning
Banner Type   Dimensions

(316x412 Right-hand Side & 612x36 Bottom)

Flash                         961x386
(341x386 Right-hand Side & 620x41 Bottom)

Ad Unit Specs
  • Maximum weight – 80kb JPEG and 200kb for flash
  • Maximum frame rate – 12-16 fps
  • Animation limit – 15 seconds
  • Stop all animations before 15 second
  • Looping not allowed. Can add a replay button
  • User initiated sound allowed, File loading not permitted
  • Backup Image mandatory
  • Last frame should have the company’s branding on it
  • Expected file format : Flash
  • NDTV will embed the click tag.
  • It should be like this:
    • As3.0
    • SkinMC ( this is parent movie clip) and put all the animation inside it.
    • Follow all the movie clip name and put name accordingly which is inside the skin_mc
    • Right animation should be inside right_mc
    • Bottom animation should be inside bottom_mc.