Nearest Aadhaar Centre: How To Locate Aadhaar Updation, Enrolment Kendras

Updating the mobile number registered with Aadhaar requires you to take up biometrics authentication, for which you must visit an Aadhaar centre.

Nearest Aadhaar Centre: How To Locate Aadhaar Updation, Enrolment Kendras

The UIDAI portal lets users find information on Aadhaar card enrolment centres through an online search


  1. UIDAI portal enables users to locate Aadhaar centre nearest to them
  2. Information on different types of Aadhaar centres can be found online
  3. Updating Aadhaar mobile number requires one to visit Aadhaar centre

Do you need to visit an 'Aadhaar Kendra' (Aadhaar Centre)? An Aadhaar centre can be visited for a number of tasks. These Aadhaar card-related tasks can range from enrolment to tracking the status of enrolment application to any change in the data fed into an existing Aadhaar card. For example, let's say you need to update the mobile number fed into Aadhaar card database. This requires you to take up biometrics authentication (through fingerprint or iris scans), which means you must visit an Aadhaar Kendra or Aadhaar centre. The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India enables you to locate an Aadhaar centre online through its website,

Using this online tool, through a computer or mobile phone, one can find information of the nearest Aadhaar centre within seconds. One can access this online tool, provided by the UIDAI - the issuer of the 12-digit personal identification number called UID or Unique Identity Number (Aadhaar number) as well as Aadhaar card - by visiting the UIDAI portal. On the Aadhaar card-issuing authority's website,, find the links titled 'Enrolment & Update Centres in Banks & Post offices' and 'Locate Enrolment & Update Centres' under the Aadhaar Online Services section.

uidai website
While the first link leads to the tool that helps a user locate the nearest Aadhaar centre in a bank or post office, the second one can be used to locate independent Aadhaar centres. The UIDAI currently offers permanent Aadhaar centres in the form of regional Aadhaar offices as well as designated banks and post offices.

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For example, a search on the UIDAI portal showed information on 32 permanent Aadhaar enrolment centres and 396 designated banks or post offices in Delhi.

Either of the two links can be accessed to locate the Aadhaar centres near you, depending on your preference. Both the online tools enable a user to search information based on a number of parameters and their combinations. These include search by state, PIN code, district and so on.

aadhaar centre search uidai website
You can even find information on 'only permanent centres' by using the option of the same name.

Besides permanent Aadhaar centres, the UIDAI also runs temporary Aadhaar centres on a "camp" basis.

Here's how to locate the Aadhaar centre near you:

Once on the UIDAI portal homepage, click on either of the 'Enrolment & Update Centres in Banks & Post offices' or 'Locate Enrolment & Update Centres' links.

Choose from the options such as state, pin code and district as per your preference.

Proceed by entering the 'Verification Code' in the given field and clicking on 'Search'.

aadhaar centre info uidai website
Subsequently, the UIDAI portal displays details on Aadhaar centres in the form of registrar name, agency name, address and so on.

locate aadhaar centre uidai portal
A user can also access a map to locate the desired Aadhaar centre. This option can be accessed under the 'Locate Centre' column.

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