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Fuel Cost Calculator

Fuel efficiency varies from one vehicle to another. An online fuel cost calculator serves the purpose of calculating an estimated trip cost given a vehicle's mileage, distance travelled and prefered fuel type over a stipulated period of time.

How To Use A Fuel Cost Calculator?

An online fuel cost calculator helps estimate fuel cost under various transportation modes and aids in financial and budget planning. A vehicle's daily, monthly, and yearly fuel costs will automatically appear in the table. The calculator helps in understanding the per kilometre fuel cost based on the distance and mileage of a vehicle.

Users need to determine the price of petrol, diesel per unit in their area. Vehicle’s mileage depends on the type of fuel. One also needs to know how many kilometres (km) per unit of petrol or diesel the vehicle will achieve. This figure will be presented in kmpl (kilometres per litre) for petrol and diesel vehicles. Once you have the mileage, distance travelled and the fuel cost, the fuel expenditure can easily be calculated on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.


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