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A date calculator is a tool that computes the number of days between two dates. Users can also add to or subtract from a given date to get the desired output.

How To Use A Date Calculator

If you are ever required to estimate the duration between two dates or arrive at a particular date, you can use the date calculator. As the name suggests, a date calculator is a tool that computes the number of days between two dates through a few simple inputs.

A user can enter any date of their choice in the 'start date' field and click on the 'calculate' option. This will give them the number of days between the submitted date and the current date.

Variations In Date Calculator

Alternatively, one can also retain the 'start date' as it is and enter a different 'end date' and calculate the duration between the two. That’s not all, you can also change both the default 'start' and 'end' dates to calculate the number of days between any two dates.

Upon entering the two dates, you can choose to include the 'end date' in the duration that is being calculated. This will add a count of one day to the total duration. The result is displayed in terms of calendar days. The duration is mentioned in terms of years, months and weeks separately.

Another version of the date calculator allows you to find a particular date by entering the number of days from a 'start date'. To arrive at the date on the calculator, you are required to enter the date of choice in the 'start date' field. By default, the calculator shows the 'start date' as the current date.

After entering the required date in the 'start date' field, you are required to enter the duration in years, months, weeks, and days format. Once this duration has been entered, you can choose to either add or subtract the days from the date to arrive at a result. The result is displayed in the form date and the day of the week which corresponds to the date which is either before or after the 'start date' that has been entered.

Calendars In India

The date calculator follows the format of the Gregorian calendar which is accepted around the world. The calendar follows the January to December format. The Gregorian calendar was introduced only in 1582 as a modified version of the Julian calendar by Pope Gregory XIII. Though the Gregorian calendar was initially accepted by the Western nations, it soon came to be accepted by other countries too for official purposes.

However, many countries, including India, are not restricted to one calendar. Given that the sub-continent is a melting pot of different cultures, it is not uncommon for different types of calendars to exist for different purposes. For instance, most Hindu festivals are based on traditional calendars. These calendars vary on a cultural and regional basis. For instance, a Malayalam calendar in Kerala is different from the Telugu calendar in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The Islamic community, meanwhile, follows the calendar which is based on the lunar cycle. The many festivals celebrated by different communities are based on the unique calendar particular to the community.


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