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An age calculator helps in determining the age of a person till a given date. The calculated result is displayed in years, months, weeks to days, hours, minutes and even seconds. A person’s age is counted differently across cultures. An online age calculator requires a user to provide their date of birth and a specific date to provide the desired result.

Age is an important part of a person's social identity and a crucial part of data required for professional and personal endeavours. An age calculator is a handy online tool that calculates the current age of a person based on a given date and year.

Based on the inputs entered, in this case, the date and the year of birth, the calculator computes the age. The format followed for the input field is in the month-day-year style.

Upon entering the date of birth and clicking the calculate button, the user gets the current age - the age on the day one is using the calculator.

The tool also helps one calculate the age on a particular date. Let's say a person wants to know how old he/she was on the first birthday of his/her nephew, in that case, the values required will be the two birth dates and the respective years. The calculator will show the person's age till the given date. The calculated result is displayed in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds.

The steps of using the calculator are simple. The calculator makes computations based on the Gregorian calendar and divides the year into 365 days. It also takes leap years into account.

Users can also calculate the age of an organisation by simply entering the date of the establishment or incorporation of the entity.


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