World Hindi Day 2024: Facts About The Language

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Hindi is closely related to Sanskrit, an ancient language with historical significance. This gives Hindi depth

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Hindi is written in the elegant Devanagari script, featuring 13 vowels and 39 consonants


Hindi's name derives from the Persian word "Hind", meaning "Land of the Indus River"

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Government of India adopted Hindi as an official language on September 14th, 1949

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After 1965, Hindi became the primary official language of the India, and English became the second official language

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Hindi is also spoken and understood in countries like Nepal, New Zealand, Fiji, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many others

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With over 600 million speakers, Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, Spanish and English

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Hindi's vocabulary reflects its dynamic past. It has readily adopted words from many languages

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Hindi and Urdu share a close relationship, often referred to as "Hindustani" when spoken

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Words like "yoga," "namaste" and "mantra" have found their way into international vocabulary, highlighting the cultural footprint of Hindi

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