Over 500 Indian Products Have GI Tags. Read List

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Odisha's red ant chutney is the latest to receive the coveted GI tag, adding to the long list from India

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GI tag is a name or sign that certifies that a product has specific geographical origin and possess those qualities

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To get a GI tag on any product the association or organization making the products can apply to the Geographical Indication Registry

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Over 500 products from India have received GI tags and top states are Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala

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The latest winner from Odisha, also known as 'Kai Chutney', is made in Mayurbhanj district using red weaver ants

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It is renowned in the region for its medicinal and nutritional properties and the GI tag was given on Jan 2

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Three handloom sarees from West Bengal - Tangail, Korial and Garad - also received the GI tag earlier this month

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Gamosa of Assam, Tandur Redgram of Telangana and RaktseyKarpo Apricot of Ladakh are other products with GI tags

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According to PIB, the Centre in 2022 approved an expenditure of Rs 75 crore for 3 years for awareness programme

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GI tag in India came into effect from September 15, 2003 and Darjeeling Tea became the first Indian product to get it

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