Rahul Gandhi vs Bajrang Punia On Wrestling Mat

Image credit: X/RahulGandhi

Wrestlers in Haryana were in for a surprise when Congress MP Rahul Gandhi walked into their 'akhara'

Image credit: X/Supriya23bh

"Nobody told us that he's coming. We were practising and he walked in around 6.15 am," a wrestler said

Image credit: X/Supriya23bh

Olympic medallist Bajrang Punia, who returned his Padma Shri over the wrestling body row, was also there

In a post on X, Rahul Gandhi shared photos of him wrestling with Bajrang Punia

Image credit: X/RahulGandhi

The Olympian can be seen tackling the Congress leader to the ground

Image credit: X/RahulGandhi

The 53-year-old leader also shared his Jiu-jitsu experience with the grapplers who said he showed them "some moves"

Mr Gandhi also shared a hearty meal of bajre ki roti, curd and hara saag with the athletes

Image credit: X/Manish765_INC

The wrestlers gifted a bunch of radishes to the Congress leader

Image credit: X/Manish765_INC

"Let them serve the tricolor. Let them make India proud with full honor and respect," the leader said in a post on X.

Image credit: ANI

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