Kalandula: All About Africa's Sacred Waterfall

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2 April 2024

People's passion to explore new sites across the world has revealed several untapped places that have gone viral

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One such place is Angola's Malanje Province, the home of Kalandula Falls - one of the largest in Africa

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According to CNN, the waterfalls lie about 400 kilometres east of Angola's capital Luanda and are believed to be sacred

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To reach the waterfalls, visitors have to walk across a field of large stones that leads to its top edge

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From the top, they can see the true sense of the size and power of Kalandula Falls with the water dropping 100 metres

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Kalandula is only a fraction of the width of Victoria Falls - Africa's largest with a width of more than 1,700 metres

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But as per the CNN report, they are almost just as tall with a powerful and relentless flow of water

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To reach the bottom of the falls, visitors will have to venture down a steep and rocky trail for 30 minutes

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It will appear as a horseshoe-shaped waterfall, which creates a thundering backdrop of cascading water

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