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The growing wealth of the ultra rich could give the world its first trillionaire within a decade, a report released by charity Oxfam has said

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It also highlighted that global poverty will not be eradicated for another 229 years, pointing out that the inequality has widened

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Oxfam has named 5 billionaires whose wealth has doubled since 2020, leading to speculation that one of them could become a trillionaire

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The first in the list is Tesla CEO Elon Musk who has a wealth of $226.6 billion, according to 'Forbes' data

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In addition to being at the helm of Tesla, Mr Musk is the CEO of rocket ship company SpaceX. He bought Twitter (now named X) in 2022

With a wealth of $175.1 billion, LVMH owner Bernard Arnault and his family are at number two in the list

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He is also president of the board for Groupe Arnault SE, his family's holding company and primarily an investment firm

Jeff Bezos is the third richest person in the world with a wealth of $173.6 billion, as per the 'Forbes' list released on Wednesday

He founded Amazon in a garage in 1994 and his wealth skyrocketed as the company grew into an e-commerce giant

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison also features on the list with a personal fortune of $134.9 billion

Mr Ellison served as the CEO of Oracle till 2014. He is now chief technology officer and chairman of the board

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Warren Buffet is among the five richest people in the world with a net worth of $119.2 billion

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Over the years, Buffett has gained a reputation for his investment success and aggressive business tactic

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Oxfam said these billionaire enjoyed "supercharged" surge since 2020 and their wealth grew three times faster than the rate of inflation

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