Features Of India's First Bullet Train Project

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The construction of India's first bullet train project is progressing at full speed 

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The high-speed rail line, employing Japan's Shinkansen technology, will connect Mumbai and Ahmedabad and reduce travel time to just 2 hours

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The bullet train will run at a top speed of 320 kmph on a journey that is nearly 508 km between Mumbai and Ahmedabad

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The first bullet train section, a 50-kilometre stretch connecting Bilimora and Surat, is expected to be completed by August 2026

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It will pass through 24 river bridges, 28 steel bridges and several tunnels that are being erected for the route

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The line will have 12 stations with state-of-the-art facilities, 4 in Maharashtra and 8 in Gujarat

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This project also marks the first use of the J-slab ballastless track system in India

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28 seismometers will be installed along the train route to ensure the safety of passengers during earthquakes

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The Railways will run 35 bullet trains when it starts operations, with about 70 trips per day.  It plans to increase the number to 105 trains by 2050

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Around 1.6 crore people are expected to travel by the train every year when operations begin

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The ambitious train project will cost an estimated Rs 1.08 lakh crore 

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