10 Rare Animal Species Living In India, Some Of Them Are Only Found Here

Indian Rhino: Also known as the One-Horned Rhinoceros, these giant mammals can be found in West Bengal, Assam

Asiatic Lion: This magnificent creature is found only in India and mainly resides in Gir National Park, Gujarat

Snow Leopard: These Highly Adaptable large cat species are super hard to spot and can be found In J and K, Ladakh among others

Lion-tailed Macaque: Only found in India, this unique-looking animal can be found in rainforests of western ghats in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Great Indian Bustard: Native to Indian subcontinent, this bird species mainly resides in Rajasthan, Gujarat. Only 200 of them exist according to reports

Image Credit: Bloomberg

Red Panda: This cute-looking mammal can be found in Sikkim, Darjeeling among others

Bengal Tiger: One of the biggest wild cats in the world, this majestic creature can be found in the mangrove forests of India

Blackbuck: Only found in India and Nepal, this beautiful animal is also known as the Indian Antelope

Nilgiri Tahr: This rare animal is only found in India and has a life expectancy of 3 years

Sloth Bear: Native to India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, they are also known as the Indian Bear

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