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The Northern Lights is a natural light display across the starry night sky witnessed from some parts of the world

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1. Fairbanks, Alaska

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Fairbanks falls under the oval around the North Pole and is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights 

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2. Trosmo, Norway

Plan your trip ahead of the Northern Lights Festival to celebrate the splendid view with dance and music 

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3. Iceland

August through April and early May are prime times to witness the pink, purple and green Northern Lights in Iceland 

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4. Alberta, Canada

Jasper National Parks is one of the Dark Sky Preserves of the world where the Northern Lights can be spotted easily

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5. Northern Lapland, Finland

Ivalo and Inari are some of the northern most points of the Lapland in Finland and can easily see the Aurora Borealis

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6. Abisko National Park, Sweden

Probably one of the best places to witness the Northern Lights, you're most likely to see the magical display from anywhere in the park

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7. Minnesota, U.S.A

Northern Minnesota is known for many galactical displays of stars and planets and the Aurora Borealis is certainly one of them as well

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8. Murmansk, Russia

If you're on a budget then Murmansk  in Russia is the cheapest Northern Lights hunting spots among all the others

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