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With Maldives opening its doors to International travelers again, here's why you should plan a trip to this pristine destination 

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Landing in Maldives is an experience in itself with an extraordinary floating runway that is surrounded with water everywhere



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Enjoy the company of stingrays, whale sharks and sea turtles in the crystal clear waters of beautiful Maldivian beaches 

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Swim among the colourful coral reefs and watch fishes swim together in masses in nature's original aquarium 



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Most of  the islands in Maldives have calm and shallow water that ebb and flow with rising tides making this a fun activity 

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paddle board


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A majority of the floating hotels and resorts have some of the best spa experiences worth every penny spent 

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What's better than a sunset backdrop with a beautiful view, delectable food and fantastic company? 

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Isn't it everyone's dream to have a beautiful villa that protrudes into your own private beach and pool? 

floating villas


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Maldivian islands are blessed with pristine white sandy beaches that is perfect for your next social media post

white sand beaches 


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