In India That are rich in history


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India is home to diverse cultures, magnificent monuments and artworks. Take a look at these Indian destinations which are steeped in history

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Karnataka's temple town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with ancient temples and bastions from the Vijayanagar Empire



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This Buddhist monastery in Ladakh dates back to the Namgyal kingdom and is an unexplored hub of culture, art and monuments



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Amritsar's Golden Temple was rebuilt in 1830 with marble and gold and continues to be one of the most famous gurudwaras in the world

Golden Temple


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The Pallava art on display in Mahabalipuram date back 200 years when they were carved in Dravidian style



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The UNESCO World Heritage Site in Maharashtra has Hindu temples and Buddhist caves with rock-cut architecture that originated in the 5th century

Elephanta Caves


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This Hyderabad attraction was once home to the famous Kohinoor diamond and protected against invasion from foreign powers

Golkonda Fort


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The Taj Mahal houses the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, wife of Emperor Shah Jahan and is globally known as a symbol of eternal love

taj Mahal


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