Planning a safari trip? Look no further beyond than these stunning stays to get a feel of the wild 

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1. The Oberoi Vanyavilas

This plush jungle resort with its luxury camps will keep you coming back to Ranthambore


2. Banjaar Tola

Located in Kanha National Park, this modern meets rustic luxury property gives you the sense of the wild right upon arrival


3. The Baghvan

Nestled in the jungles of Pench, enjoy scenic views of nature around as you indulge in a cosy night in with your loved ons


4. Aman-i-Khas

Minimal yet symbolic is the theme for this Aman property in Ranthambore that offers fabulous safari experiences


5. Tadoba Jungle Camp

Tadoba has gained popularity with its tiger sightings and this new offbeat jungle lodge should be on your top picks for its modern and minimal interiors

Tadoba Jungle Camp - Official Website

6. The Bison

This stunning property is just one of the reasons you should visit Kabini other than spotting the famous black panther


7. The Serai

Another gorgeous property housed in the dense forests of Kabini, The Serai is a treat to the eyes with its rustic yet modern interiors

The Serai - Official Website

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