"BJP Won't Get 20 Seats In MCD Polls, AAP 230": Arvind Kejriwal's Townhall

PUBLISHED ON: November 24, 2022 | Duration: 46 min, 53 sec

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in an NDTV exclusive townhall speaks on a range of topics including his predictions on the Gujarat and Delhi civic body polls, pollution control and BJP's corruption allegations on AAP.


  1. On BJP's Revdi, Corruption Allegations: BJP keeps accusing us of corruption - they have found nothing - not one paisa. They have attacked Manish Sisodia, tore his cushions and mattresses - found not a paisa. Over the last 7 years they have filed 167 cases against AAP leaders - not one has been proved in court. 800 probe agency officers are dedicated only to find a paisa-worth of wrongdoing by AAP. They have found nothing.
  2. Modi ji also gives free ki revdi, I also give free ki revdi. While Modi ji does it for the rich, I do it for the janta (public). He is waiving off huge loan defaulters behind closed doors, is not free ki revdi? I do it openly for the benefit of the people.
  3. Providing good schools and hospitals is not free ki revdi ... such acts are called "punya" in Hinduism.
  4. We used to run free Yoga classes in Delhi. It was stopped for no good reason. Who shuts free Yoga classes, man? It is a sin in Hinduism to stop Yoga classes. You all in the media headline it as "another flashpoint". What am I to do in these Aurangzeb-like orders?
  5. On Gujarat, Delhi Civic Body Elections: I predict a win for the Aam Aadmi Party in the MCD elections. AAP will get 230-plus seats. BJP will get less than 20 seats. For Gujarat too, I feel AAP will win the elections in the state.
  6. If you want improvement, please vote for AAP, no matter which party you are from or support. If you vote for BJP, they will waste 5 years fighting with me. So, the choice is yours. Your work will get done if AAP is voted in.
  7. Forget the double-engine government - there is a new engine in the market. Vote for the new engine - it works better.
  8. In the last 5 years, the Delhi government has given Rs 1 lakh crore to MCD. Please ask the BJP where it all went. All gone. They are so greedy.
  9. We have done a lot of work in the past seven years. We have fulfilled our promises, improved education, made mohalla clinics, made hospitals better. We have done a good job in Delhi - whatever people expected of us, we have delivered. We have delivered well on education and healthcare.
  10. For MCD elections - we assure we will do a good job there too. We will clean Delhi and also remove the rampant corruption in the MCD.
  11. MCD employees don't get salaries for six months. They keep protesting. We will ensure they get paid on the 1st of every month. That is my guarantee.
  12. On Satyendar Jain Jail Video Leak: There were no VVIP facilities in jail for Satyendar Jain. All that he got was according to the jail manual. The man is eating roti, you ask why is he eating roti. What kind of politics is this?
  13. If you want to see VVIP culture in jails, see what the CBI chargesheet says about when Amit Shah was in jail. They made a deluxe jail for him. In Satyendar Jain's case, the court has said nothing about VVIP culture - Will the court decide or will you or the BJP decide on what is VVIP culture.
  14. On Pollution Control In Delhi: We need the intent to do good work. That is all that is needed - neeyat (intent). Today we have reached the moon, what are mountains of garbage in front of that.
  15. I have asked for 5 years to clean Yamuna starting 2020 - so I have time till 2025. If I can't do it, then throw me out.
  16. We acknowledge the responsibility of stubble burning in Punjab. We will work on it. The farmers need an alternative. They need a solution. If they get one, they will stop burning stubble. The Punjab government will do something. We will do something.
  17. Pollution is a national problem - in Bihar, in UP, elsewhere. There is pollution in many places. But the Central government does nothing about it. Nothing will come of it if all they do is play politics over pollution and point fingers. When we approach them, they shut the doors on us.
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