Historic BJP-PDP Alliance in J&K: For Power or Peace?

PUBLISHED ON: February 24, 2015 | Duration: 48 min, 58 sec

Tonight on The Buck Stops Here:

Historic BJP-PDP alliance in J&K: For power or peace?

The BJP and PDP are like "north pole and south pole", said PDP chief Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in an interview to NDTV. Yet, both parties have come together to form a government in Jammu and Kashmir. On The Buck Stops Here, we debate: is the BJP-PDP alliance sustainable? Is it about statesmanship or surrender as BJP has agreed to status quo on Article 370? And will BJP talk to Pakistan and Kashmiri separatists as Mufti Sayeed wants?

'Delhi air life and death matter': Al Gore on India's inconvenient truth

In the world's most-polluted city New Delhi, former US Vice President and climate change evangelist Al Gore said Indians must know that this is a life and death issue. Speaking exclusively to NDTV, Mr Gore sounded the warning on what's at stake. He also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts in encouraging clean energy. Mr Gore said PM Modi's plan to dramatically expand clean energy was "the most exciting development in the world today where renewable energy technology is concerned." He said PM Modi has integrity and credibility on climate change and will lead the way even though the US didn't get any China-style emissions agreement with India. He also spoke of how technology could help reduce emissions, the debate between developed and developing nations and why he is optimistic that the world will solve the climate change crisis. (Read transcript here)
Harrowing Time On Highways, Say Commuters Stuck During >i>Bharat Bandh
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