Salute Our Saviours: 65-Year-Old Dr Prabhakar Took Up COVID Duty And Died In August

PUBLISHED ON: December 30, 2020 | Duration: 1 min, 44 sec

Dr Dilip Prabhakar More, 65, Paediatrician at Ratnagiri Civil Hospital for 45 years and preferred to treat the poor. He treated 42 children during the COVID tenure. He was the first doctor to recommend that mother's milk is the best antidote for COVID-19. He treated a 5-month-old baby and when the child left the hospital with the mother other doctors and nurses clapped for him. He now has a ward on his name in the same hospital and is considered a hero in Ratnagiri. Dr Prabhakar contracted COVID, along with his whole family in July. He passed away in August. Pramila is his wife and Jyoti his daughter joined the Salute Our Saviours Telethon to talk about Dr Prabhakar's valiant fight against COVID-19.
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