22-Year-Old Designs App To Fight COVID-19 In Rajasthan | Read

PUBLISHED ON: June 18, 2021 | Duration: 3 min, 56 sec

Volunteer 'Vipra Goyal' is our Lottoland Aaj Ka Sitara. The second wave of the COVID pandemic was also defined by a rapid spread of the virus from urban areas to villages. 40 per cent of the total cases in Rajasthan were from rural areas which also accounted for a high percentage of deaths. The biggest challenge for the health infrastructure in tackling the spread was identifying cases, especially in rural areas as people were afraid to report cases and symptoms. The people were worried that they would be taken away to hospitals in cities and isolated from their families, as a result, under reporting of cases and this mind set only helped spread the virus further. But a 22-year-old decided to come up with a solution - an app called the Corona Kavach Saathi that makes it easy to collect data of suspected coronavirus cases, isolate them and then begin treatment. Early identification is one of the key steps to stop the spread of the virus. Lottoland will support their cause with a cash incentive of Rs 1 lakh.
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