World AIDS Day 2021: Why HIV Is Not An Easy Virus To Defeat?

PUBLISHED ON: December 1, 2021 | Duration: 2 min, 31 sec

World Health Organisation (WHO) says, 'HIV is not an easy virus to defeat'. It states that nearly a million people still die every year from the virus because they don't know they have HIV and are not on treatment, or they start treatment late. According to WHO, 'Fear, stigma and ignorance. That is what defined the HIV epidemic that raged through the world in the 1980s.' December 1 marks the World AIDS Day – a day created to raise awareness about HIV and the resulting AIDS epidemic. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 79.3 million people have become infected with HIV, as per UNAIDS. HIV has claimed over 36.3 million lives, according to WHO and it still continues to be a major global public health issue.
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