Vaccination And Shoring Up Medical Infrastructue Important To Prevent Third Wave: Laxman Narasimhan

PUBLISHED ON: July 11, 2021 | Duration: 3 min, 39 sec

According to Laxman Narasimhan, CEO, Reckitt, even as vaccination and medical infrastructure need to be bolstered to ward off the third wave of the pandemic, it is important in the intermediate time to invest in inculcating clean habits and hygine practices in schools and among consumers through partnerships with public health organisations and governments, something Reckitt is actively doing globally. Mr. Narasimhan cited the example of how 20 percent of the people wash their hands after going to the bathroom worldwide but due to the pandemic that sensitivity has gone up to as much as 86 percent in some countries and it is important to build on this trend. He emphasises that schools are an important place to begin building habits and Reckitt has partnered with about one million schools in India to incorporate handwashing and hygine practices into the school curriculum.
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