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NDTV Unicorn Start-Up Awards 2016

NDTV presents Unicorn Awards 2016, a gripping extravaganza with the biggest names in India's most exciting space in business - the start-up. These awards recognise the most credible dream-chasers who are going to change the way India does business. This is the start-ups' moment to shine and occupy centre-stage.

The Award Goes To

Winner of the Apple Watches are Divya Saxena and Febin Charles.


About The Awards

The world of start-ups is bursting at the seams and India is becoming the start-up capital of the world. NDTV's Unicorn - Chasing the start-up dream has been leading the charge in discovering the next big idea from India's belly which can be the next billion-dollar valued start-up. From nascent ideas cooked up in a warehouse to booming ventures that are eating up market share and attracting consumers at breakneck speed, Unicorn lifts the iron curtain off them all.

NDTV wants to carry forward the anticipation and award those which have disrupted the market with simple ideas and some great execution. We will like to award the trailblazers, the gladiators, the ones who have made the cut - We present NDTV's Unicorn Awards. NDTV has tied up with India's leading start-up incubator, NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups as a "Knowledge Partner" and with Tracxn, a start-up intelligence and market research platform as "Research Partner" for the awards.

Meet The Jury

The Jury for the NDTV Unicorn Awards 2016 had 6 high-profile individuals. They have been chosen on the basis of their experience, their business achievements and their commitment to support budding entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Award Categories

Here are the NDTV Unicorn Awards 2016 categories:

Awards Process

The start-up ecosystem is India is vast and there is no dearth of original ideas backed by great investment acumen. In order to maintain complete transparency and objectivity, for our first-ever NDTV Unicorn Awards 2016, we prepared a list of categories encompassing start-up sectors across the universe. While NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups came on board as our knowledge partner for the awards, Tracxn, a start-up intelligence and market research platform, served as our research partner.

How The Start-ups Were Selected
An extensive, exhaustive and informative jury docket, comprising a comprehensive list of nominations across multiple categories with supportive criteria for selection, was prepared by Tracxn, and from that long list around 20 start-ups within each category, around a handful of front-runners were sorted, shortlisted, studied and endorsed by NASSCOM 10,000 Start-ups.

Procedure For Selection
A jury docket with all the information and the final nominations within each category will be sent to respective jury members. The jury will then study about these start-ups and rate them on different parameters.

Our endeavour is completely transparent and is to award the deserving start-ups across different categories.

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