My Fit 100 Days Calendar

#MyFit100Days challenge is now over, you can continue your efforts to remain fit and healthy. Follow this simple 100-day plan which can make a big difference in your life.

Our program customised by India’s first native fitness app GOQii, is a mixed bag of habitual changes, diet plan and basic exercise regimes.

This plan will introduce fitness as a part of your life in a refreshing new format. In this program we aim to enhance quality of life, personal growth, and potential through positive lifestyle behaviours and attitudes.

Get Fit India!

  • Week 1 Water Intake Challenge
  • Week 2 A Week Without Tea/Coffee
  • Week 3 Fibre is Good for You
  • Week 4 Eat a Rainbow
  • Week 5 Eat Dinner Like a Pauper
  • Week 6 Stay Healthy With Mindful Eating
  • Week 7 What the Food Label Tells You
  • Week 8 Bunk the Junk
  • Week 9 No Sugar Challenge
  • Week 10 Good Sleep, Good Life
  • Week 11 Say Goodbye to Stress
  • Week 12 The Importance of Protein in Your Diet
  • Week 13 A Beginner's Guide to Workout Nutrition
  • Week 14 Keep a Check On – Sound Sleep, Mindful Eating and Water Intake
  • Week 15 How Much Fat Should You Eat in a Day?


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